Each year it takes many dedicated volunteers from all over the U.S. to make camp AN a reality.  If you have a heart for ministry and want to experience it firsthand, we encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming a part of this fulfilling, life changing ministry.

Each year fifty to sixty workers will flow through the several weeks of the camp’s setup, Kid’s Camp, Teen Camp, Family Camp and Teen Discipleship Camp.  Workers of every description are needed.

  • Kitchen help.  Those who will help in preparing meals, serving the dining area as well as the cleaning pots and pans, along with other tasks as needed.
  • Mechanical help.  Because the camp is remote and somewhat isolated the camp must be self-contained.  That requires a lot of mechanical work such as generators, boats, boat motors, mower equipment, chain saws, 4-wheelers, pumps, electrical, fuels, and a lot more.  Those with mechanical skills are always needed.
  • Maintenance.  With a large number of campers and workers on campus there are numerous janitorial, and daily care tasks that must be done.
  • Coaches.  These are a central park of the ministry of each week.  The coaches are the hands-on ministry of the camp.  They will be 24/7 with the campers.  Staying in the dorm tents with the campers, going to all the classes and services with the campers and sharing the meal times with them as well as the activities and recreation times.  They are the key persons at altar time as they patiently spend precious moments with the campers praying, answering questions and explaining the things of Scripture and God to them.

Because you will be working with minors those working in any of camps a screening form is required which is used to secure a background check.  The background checks are performed by the Alaska Assemblies of God Ministry Network at a fee of $20.  This screening form may be downloaded from this web site under the heading “Download.”  The screening form is not complete until each section is completed in full including the appropriate signatures and references.  Once completed mail with your check to: Jim Schulz, Crossroads Assembly of God, 3824 Debarr Rd. Anchorage, AK  99508.  Checks should be made out to: Alaska Assemblies of God and marked for Camp AN background check.  Once your completed screening form and check have arrived and the background check completed you will be notified of your approval to be a Camp AN worker.

No matter what your gifting, there is a place for you. Whether you enjoy working with kids or are a manual laborer there are many areas of ministry available. With the growing harvest field in Alaska, the need for laborers is greater than ever.

The new facility is up and dried in. We will need help to get it ready to use for camp next year. Please contact Jim Schulz at jimschulzalaska@gmail.com for scheduling and questions.

Download Worker Manual

Download Worker Screening Form

To travel to Emmonak you will either go through Bethel or St. Marys
Option #1
Anchorage to Emmonak (via St.Marys)
Option #2
Anchorage to Bethel (If you are flying from the lower 48 try booking multi city flight to Bethel)
Bethel to Emmonak


Notice to ALL Camp Agiutim Nune workers regarding
Dress Code

If you are coming with a team I am asking the team leaders to help each of their team to understand the significance of this and to help ensure this as well.

The minds and lives of the kids and teens that Camp AN ministers to are bombarded by everything Satan has to influence for sin. These kids/teens are influence by everything on satellite TV, videos and internet. One of the great pieces of spiritual armor that Paul gave us under the direction of the Holy Spirit is the “Helmet of Salvation”. Its purpose to protect the head, that “control center” of our bodies. The “eye gate” is a powerful access into our influences. It is important that the few days of influence that God gives us with these kids and teens is as guarded as we can be. We have been careful to alert you during our times of “orientation” concerning bodily contact and its emotional implications and I want to stress the following, also, as you are preparing to arrive at camp. Please be modest in all your dress–comfortable but conservative. Ladies please avoid tight clothing pants or tops—these can be suggestive. Your body is the Lord’s and is also to be preserved for your marriage and not as an object of observance by others. I realize we live in a far less modest world today; but, your presence on the property of Camp AN is a ministry and testimony. Everything about us must exemplify Christ and His Word.


1. Outfits that reveal mid-drift, cleavage or underwear are not considered modest. These are all pretty simple and easy to follow. No tank tops except when swimming to cover a 2piece swim suit.

2. Please make sure your slacks are at least knee length. No shorts. Cover up those tight pants and leggings. Not all leggings are created equal and we’ve experienced too many that leave nothing to the imagination so PLEASE put a long t-shirt to cover your back-side if you want to wear spandex or leggings. No mini-skirts.

3. When swimming wear a one piece swim suit if possible. If you have a two piece swim suit, wear a t-shirt or tank top over it. Swim suits are to be worn for swimming only.Tankinis are acceptable too.


1. Please make sure your slacks are at least knee length. No shorts. No tight pants.

2. When swimming wear a swim suit or suitable shorts. Swim suits are to be worn for swimming only. No tank tops except when swimming.

3. When you leave your dorm, you MUST have a shirt on. Outfits that reveal mid-drift, or

underwear are not considered modest. No tank tops except for swimming.

I deeply appreciate each of you and the sacrifice you are making financially, physically, timewise and spiritually to minister to the lives of those in western Alaska for eternity. Camp AN could not exist without the volunteer staff that comes each year. Please be earnestly in prayer for the lives of the campers this summer to whom you will be ministering. Terry Hull will be alerting you to a time of prayer prior to camp.


Pastor Jim