Info on Teen Camp
June 15-20 *Youth Camp

If Kid’s Camp is exciting and full of energy, then Teen Camp is off the charts!  Many of the teens began coming for Kid’s Camp and are growing up with the camp.  They have made many friends over the years with other campers and workers.  Others are new to the Camp AN experience, but they will soon have their own memories. The teens also begin by finding their dorm tents and the coaches that will be with them for the week and then it is off exploring the camp or shooting hoops.  And can these teens ever devour the food!  Many of these teens come remembering what great times they had getting to know God personally for the first time, or maybe at a deeper level.  The morning chapel and evening services are distinctly marked by God’s presence through worship, singing, the ministry of God’s Word and the time around God’s altar.  Several young adults have come through Kid’s Camps, Teen Camps and Teen Discipleship Camps and today are leading ministry in youth groups in Alaska’s villages.  These teens know how to play hard during the afternoon recreation time: swimming, basketball, volleyball, other games and activities.  Hanging out at the “Moose Canteen” is a favorite place to visit and grab a favorite soft drink and candy bar.  Each day’s activities and spiritual devotion time is designed to help the teens learn there is a God in heaven that loves them and wants a personal relationship with them.  As these teens begin to make their way to the banks on that last day to load up in the boats, it is a mix of joyful tears, hugs, exchanges of email address and phone numbers and a promise to see each other again next summer.

Teen Discipleship camp info

Teen Discipleship Camp is designed for the teen campers who want to have a greater spiritual discipline in their life.  It is not full of all the usual “camp activities,” but rather it is dedicated to a morning and afternoon time of studying and being taught more of God’s Word. Each evening, the Discipleship Camp teens join with the services of the Family Camp in progress.  Teens attending Teen Discipleship must have their pastor’s recommendation.  This three day camp has been successful in helping teens understand and find God’s purposes in their lives and how to respond to those designs of God for them.