Info on Kids Camp
June 8-13 *Kids Camp

Watching the kids at our Kid’s Camps (ages 9-12) make new friends, swim, play basketball, volleyball and much more is thrilling.  Oh, their energy!  There is such anticipation in their eyes as the boats pull up the bank at the camp and they are met by the camp workers.  Many of the workers will have been to the camp before and the kids will be looking to see how many they remember – and then the hugs are on!  The kids find their way to their respective “dorm tents” to cache their personal belongings, meet their group coach and then it is off to explore the camp.

Kid’s Camp is specifically designed with their age in mind in regard to activities, crafts, recreation and ministry.  They each are given their own Bibles and are encouraged to read them. Together they learn new songs that tell of God’s love for them and Bible stories and lessons that they can readily understand.  One of the great wonders of camp is how much food these little guys can consume.  We’ve always had great cooks who volunteer for the camps, and the campers eagerly await the announcement that it’s time for “seconds.”  The final day is always a time for trading autographs, phone numbers, email addresses, and “snail mail” addresses.  As the campers load into boat, there is a new spring in their step, new friends have been made and they’ve gained a greater and more personal knowledge and relationship with God.