Info on Family Camp
June 22-24 *Family Camp | Teen Discipleship

Family Camp is a three day “camp-meeting.”  Entire families come, some bringing their own tents and camping out on the property while others may stay in the camp’s dorm tents, taking in the “camp-meeting” atmosphere.  Because of work and other responsibilities, some will “boat” back to their village after the evening service only to return the next day after work.  The services are full of congregational singing and special music by groups and individuals.  The songs vary from the traditional Yupik language to English.  Many testimonies are shared and there is always a powerful time of ministry of the Word of God and at the altar afterward.  Leisure time is available to catch up with old friends and make new ones.  Meals may be purchased for the entire three days or by the meal, or a family may bring their own meals.  Sunday marks the final day and it is a big one, beginning with a morning chapel devotional and then a huge feast, followed by the evening service, which has been very special each year.